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Friday, September 11, 2015

Relief Efforts for Mount Sinabung Eruption Evacuees – Tanoto Scholars Lend a Hand

The Mount Sinabung eruptions have affected the entire country of Indonesia, with many people still being displaced as a result of the natural catastrophe that has hit the poorest of the population in a country where proper education, healthcare and food rations are still very much in lack.

However, there is still hope for the thousands of evacuees, as initiatives such as those set forth by the recipients of Tanoto scholarships (Tanoto Scholars) have brought food, educational resources and even enjoyment to the children whose families have suffered as a result of the eruption.

Being an Evacuee

Being evacuated from your home is bad enough, but knowing you may never see the house you grew up in again is even worse. As a child or a young student, an event like the eruption of Mount Sinabung can have lasting psychological effects, and for parents, it can be the last blow to strike someone who has struggled for so long to provide for their family.

The conditions that the evacuees have to live in are far from adequate. They usually spend their nights in temporary tents without proper heating and a limited supply of resources that usually has to be rationed as wisely as possible. Also, children's education in the area had to suffer, and now many of the children are left without the opportunity to learn and secure a brighter future.

Assistance from Tanoto Scholars

Tanoto Scholars have come to the aid of the community with educational resources, books, food and toys for the children, as well as many activities and games they have organized to help improve spirits after the catastrophic event.

Many of the children welcomed them with smiles on their faces, and they have gladly engaged in the various games and activities, while their parents were overjoyed to see the attention and effort invested by Tanoto Scholars.

These initiatives have certainly had the desired effect of at least temporarily improving on the young evacuees' condition until such time as they may be able to return to their homes and villages.

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