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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Profile of the Tanoto Family

Sukanto Tanoto Family has a growing popularity due to the growing businesses in some sectors in both Indonesia and abroad. Sukanto Tanoto Was Born in Medan, North Sumatera, exactly on December 25th, 1949. He was an immigrant from Fujian Province of China. He was married to Tinah Bingei, a woman who as also grown up in a business family and who plays an important role in supporting her husband, children, and family business and foundations.

Andre Tanoto, the Eldest Son

Sukanto Tanoto has four children. The eldest son in Andre Tanoto, who was born in 1981 and now focuses on running his own business and supporting Tanoto Foundation, particularly in education programs. Andre Tanoto finished his study in Engineering in 2005. Then, he learned about business and finally realized that he is more interesting in food and beverage business.

Imelda Tanoto, The Eldest Daughter

The Board of Trustee member of Tanoto Foundation, Imelda Tanoto helps much in Tanoto business and decision making process. She participates much in asset allocation. Graduate of Deerfield College in 2001, and Wharton in 2004, Imelda Tanoto is also the founder for RGE, but before, she worked for in a bank in New York. She is also responsible for networking education programs for the scholars and students who receive funding from Tanoto Foundation in all of the Provinces.

Belinda Tanoto, Sukanto’s Favorite Daughter

Belinda Tanoto is the second daughter of Sukanto Tanoto. She graduated from Deerfield College in 20014 and Wharton in 2006. She is different in that she loves philanthropy. She also plays a crucial role in Tanoto Foundation programs, particularly in poverty alleviation, which is conducted through education community empowerment, and life enhancement.

Anderson Tanoto, Second-Generation King

At the age of 24, Anderson Tanoto receives much attention due to his popularity as a young businessman with a lot of talent. He graduate from business school and now focuses on helping in managing the family business. He is said to be the next “king” in Sukanto Tanoto business kingdom. 


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