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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Special Award for Professor and Researcher

Everyone who follows Sukanto Tanoto life story knows that he was cut from his formal education abruptly because of anti-Chinese policy during President Soeharto era. This pulp and paper tycoon makes education and research as two of his many philanthropic programs through his foundation, Tanoto Foundation. The foundation itself focuses on improving of education and research in Indonesia through funding, scholarship and awards.

Sukanto Tanoto’s Commitment for Education

As a person who never enjoyed full formal education when young, Sukanto Tanoto decided that one of his foundation’s missions should be the improvement of recognition toward professors and researchers, who have very important roles. This can only be achieved through formal education.

Tanoto Foundation originally started as an organization that strived to increase education by providing scholarships and schools. Later, the foundation broadened its scopes by adding awards and funding for researchers and professors. This is to further increase awareness in the importance of formal education, because people can only become researchers and professors through formal education.

Researcher Grants and Awards from Tanoto Foundation

By awarding professors and researchers as well as granting funds to potential researches, Tanoto Foundation wants to make sure that people will appreciate the role of education more, starting from youth education and finishing at the best goal: making the education result beneficial for the community.

So far, Tanoto Foundation has give funding and awards to various recognized local professors and scientists, including Prof. Dr. Heri Susanto from Bandung Institute of Technology for his energy alternative research, and Dr. Ir. SM. Widyastuti, Msc for her research about root and trunk diseases in trees.

By funding and giving award to professors and researchers, Tanoto Foundation continues to increase national awareness in education, and supports many potential individuals to achieve the best education before give back to their communities. This is one of Sukanto Tanoto’s biggest goals in his CSR projects.


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