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Friday, February 28, 2014

Tanoto Foundation’s Donation to Education and Research at HKUST

Again, another concern of Sukanto Tanoto towards educational aspect is shown in generous donation to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This university received respectable donation from Mr Sukanto Tanoto, the director of RGE Group and founder of Tanoto Foundation and Mr James E Thompson, the chairman of Crown Worldwide Group.

Supporting and improving educational system

This donation is aimed to support and improve the service of education for Asian family business, entrepreneurship and business cases. As a reminder of this generosity, the university names the Business Center as Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business & Entrepreneurship Studies and Thompson Center for Business Case Studies.

As the top school of Business and Management in Asia, HKUST respectively aim for socio-economic development through innovative researches of their students. This university also intends to create something different in education methods to rise excellent future generation with leadership capability as future global leaders. This innovation is needed to excel the students’ capability and ability to solve problem with creative and different approach.

Encouraging research and practical skills in business

At the present time, many business schools including HKUST apply case study teaching that will let the students get the real opportunity in managing business and learning the management of case studies. This will be very advantageous as the students can experience the real business environment. Students at HKUST are encouraged to develop their business capability from accounting, finance, management, marketing strategies, and social science that will enhance students’ understanding in multi-disciplinary subjects, bridging the gap between theoretical and practical experience.

The students will also learn how to develop leadership skill, which is very important in today’s global business competition. In his speech, Mr. Sukanto stressed the commitment of his foundation is to help the university and the students to conduct qualified researches especially for various subjects like Asian family business and entrepreneurship. He believes that the donation can be used to facilitate the students to have better understanding about distinctive characteristic in management, and take advantage of opportunity that widely open in global market.


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