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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Anderson Tanoto’s Outlook about Learning Environment and Instruments

In conjunction with the National Teachers Day in Indonesia, Anderson Tanoto received award from Indonesia’s Museum of World Record for the production of educational instruments made from straws. With the commitment to improve education quality in Indonesia, Sukanto Tanoto and the family through their foundation never stop promoting education.

Belief about creative learning environment

The prospective heir to the throne of Tanoto’s kingdom, Anderson Tanoto, believes that creative ideas and workforce can improve not only the quality of education, but this can also be seen in the learning processes that are easily absorbed by the students. He also has faith that the human development needs more than just smart information providers, but also one that can manage to create creative learning environment.

Creative learning environment, he believes, not only capable to improve the students’ ability to absorb the information, but they can also practice directly what they learn. The teachers should be able to implement effective learning methods with learning facility so that the students understand the point and capable to apply in their study.

The importance of creative educational instruments

In the event, Anderson Tanoto with Tanoto Foundation held various competitions, art performances, and gave awards for teachers, school principals and supervisors who have excellent performance in doing their job with the event entitled “Creative Teachers of Indonesia”. Together with 1569 teachers from rural and urban areas of Riau province, they tried to break the record by producing educational instruments made of straws. As the result, a new record was listed with the 9778 pieces of educational equipments with different shapes and forms.

To encourage the teachers in doing their job, Anderson also stressed that they need to be professional, by continuing to improve their knowledge and skills. Students are also needed to be freed to solve their problems to make them more independent and think creatively with creative learning method. 


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