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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Successful Man in Academic and Business

Realizing his dream to own a business empire with a total asset of billions of dollars does not stop Sukanto Tanoto in pursuing his interest in education. He currently shows his integration and dedication to education by receiving highest honor from Wharton School. This Dean’s medal is given to Mr. Sukanto as a token of recognition of individual contributions do to his great participation and role in improving global economy and efforts to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Never Stop Learning

According to Wharton School Dean Thomas S Roberts, this Dean's Medal award recognizes outstanding achievements of today's business leaders. It combines the three pillars of Wharton, namely, social impact, innovation and the existence of global scope.

Although young Sukanto was unable to study formally in an education institution, but he never gave up his will to learn. Mr. Tanoto believes that a successful business is not enough. A great businessperson should apply sustainability principle in doing the business, since it can show serious commitment in promoting local economy or even the world’s economic community. In his speech, Mr. Tanoto stated that there are main principles that should be followed, so the business can bring good to the community, the country, and the company itself.

Commitment for education

His commitment to help improving educationquality is also proved by funding a Planetarium and Theater in Deerfield, MA, which is named after him; Tanoto Planetarium and Digital Theater. Before that, Mr. Tanoto also gave donation to HKUST to establish a Business Center. Every two or three weeks, he takes some time off and attends short courses in Harvard, Tokyo, and London School of Economic.

Sukanto Tanoto’s desire to share does not stop there. The man who likes to read here is now planning to launch a book on how entrepreneurs can survive through the crises. In order to complete his goal, he stated to give serious consideration in doing research how European and American as well as the Chinese businessmen get through the problem during World War, or dealing with Communist Regime. To broaden his knowledge, Mr. Tanoto never stops learning.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things You Can Learn from the Visionary

Do you have great desire to be a successful entrepreneur? Well, you need to learn the business attitude from the best. Successful in running his businesses that play in various sectors, Sukanto Tanoto is among the richest Indonesian with total asset up to US $2.8 billion. The main business vehicle of Sukanto Tanoto’s kingdom is Raja Garuda Mas International, with various business activities, ranging from paper, palm oil, construction, and energy production. The following are some main factors you have to have by learning from SukantoTanoto.

Keeping an Eye to every Business Opportunity

Mr. Tanoto realized that Indonesia has huge disadvantages by importing logs from abroad. Why should you buy if you can produce it yourself? He learned this lesson after pay attention to the number of logs exported to Japan and Taiwan, and the imported back in higher price. Thus, he started to establish his own plywood company, Raja Garuda Mas in 1973.

Deliver what You Promised

It is important to keep the trust from the customers. By the time Mr. Tanoto decided to build his own plywood company, he asked for permission from Minister of Industries to establish the factory, and the process was done in 10 months only, or 4 months faster than the initial plan.

Education is Priority

We should agree to this idea. Education plays important role in shaping your knowledge and capability. Mr. Tanoto understands this factor, and despite his inability to study in formal school, he learned formal Bahasa Indonesia and his English skill through dictionary and American magazines. When his first company was established, he did not necessarily felt satisfy, and decided to pursue his formal education by studying management course abroad.

Giving Back to Society

Once you achieve your success story, remember to realize the importance of human development. In concern to this matter, Tanoto Sukanto and his family established Tanoto Foundation in 2001, with the purpose to help improve human resources development. This foundation focuses primarily on education, healthcare, and disaster relief. It has given scholarships to students with excellent academic performance.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Imelda and Andre Shared the Story behind Tanoto Foundation

It all begins in 2001, when the first time of Tanoto Foundation established. Now, the children of the family, Imelda, Andre, and Anderson Tanoto are trusted to continue their parent’s vision in managing the foundation. Since the family is used to do social activities, it is not hard for Imelda and Andre Tanoto to manage and improve the social purpose of the foundation. Since their young age, the family is frequently celebrated member of the family’s birthday with orphans and shared the joy and gifts with the unfortunates.

Family’s responsibility for the society

The establishment of Tanoto Foundation now allows the family to do charity work in more organized manner, and more targeted in the allocation of funds. All funds are generated from the family themselves, because each of Tanoto’s company has its own social programs (Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR).

As we already know, Tanoto Foundation has donated generous number of funds to support the education in Indonesia. Why education? When being asked with that question, Andre stated that in Indonesia, there are many poor children, who cannot continue their formal study. This also reflects Sukanto Tanoto’s past, where he could not able to finish his study. It is a long-term investment, as he believes that education can break the chain of poverty, and so people and see their brighter future.

Family’s Commitment to develop human resource

In their early involvement in the foundation management, Imelda and Andre focused on its role in supporting human development of Indonesia, so that its role can serve more benefits towards the community in need. The Tanoto family takes its role as fund provider. This role is separated from the family business, and it focuses to help unfortunate people, which also need to be supported by the government and the community itself. Imelda stated that although this foundation does not generate any profit for the business, but the family is willing to enhance the country’s development from the people in great sincerity and honesty.

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