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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Andre Tanoto’s View about Business and Education

Sukanto Tanoto’s eldest son, Andre Tanoto, may receive less attention than his other kids may. Andre Tanoto was born on 1981. He finished his primary school in Jakarta, Junior High School in Singapore, and Senior high school in Pittsburgh, USA. Unlike his brother Anderson Tanoto who took business chool, Andre Tanoto took Engineering Department in Carnegie Mellon University, and finished his study in 2005.

Learning business in Indonesia

After finishing his study, andre Tanoto spends most of his time in Indonesia. SukantoTanoto even sent him to learn much about business in all of his father’s business enterprises in Indonesia, such as in North Sumatra, Borneo inland, and Kerinci, Riau. He joined Asian Agri and learnt much in it. However, even though he is active in helping the family business, Andre Tanoto chooses to focus on running his own business in food and beverage products.

“I am interested in business, but I want to work independently by trying to run a different business. I want to develop it with by own skills and knowledge,” he said in an interview in Tanoto Library in Prasetya Mulya Business School in Jakarta. That is probably why he receives less attention than his brother, Anderson, does.

Andre Tanoto’s View about Education

Instead of spending much time helping his father’s businesses, Andre Tanoto also works to support Tanoto Foundation. He is now the member of Board of Trustees in Tanoto Foundation. Like his father, who pays much attention to education, he puts much care on education, social welfare, and life quality of the society.

Andre Tanoto chooses to focus on Education since he agrees that it is the best ‘weapon’ to improve the future. “Education is a long-term investment. To get rid of the poverty, the kids must be smart. Education enables them to improve the living standard. My father did not even finish senior high school. We do not want the other Indonesian kids have the experience,” he admitted. 


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