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Monday, February 10, 2014

Doing His Bit to Improve Indonesian Education

As a person who thinks highly about education, Sukanto Tanoto never forgets his share of contribution to community. Working together with her daughter Imelda Tanoto, the father-daughter duo never stops giving out scholarships to potential students in various areas in Indonesia, by giving them opportunities to study at recognized universities that also become Sukanto Tanoto’s educational foundation, Tanoto Foundation.

Partnership with renowned universities

Since 2006, Tanoto Foundation has maintained partnership with nine renowned universities in Indonesia plus several others abroad, including the university when his name was listed as loyal contributor, Mellon Carnegie. Now, with the help of Imelda Tanoto who is also the Board of Trustees member, Sukanto Tanoto keeps handing out scholarships for students from all provinces.

While Sukanto Tanoto’s main concern is business (and his foundation scholarships are mostly in business fields), he also does not shy away from other fields. Until now, his foundation already handed more than 4,000 scholarship programs to poor students from various provinces in Indonesia, although many of them were from his homeland, Sumatra Island. The students got opportunities to study business, science, social studies and many more at one of partner universities.

Sukanto Tanoto’s Mission for Education in Indonesia

The goal of scholarship program is to break the chain of poverty that often roots from the lack of good education as well as economy. Sukanto Tanoto stated that although he stopped his formal education at very young age, he decided to pursue higher education once he got enough money to do it, including signing up for management courses every year.

He hopes that with the help of his foundation, many other kids in Indonesia who never have good opportunities to get education can finally enjoy the education they deserve, and then give back to community and increase their family’s economy life. Right now, Sukanto Tanoto’s foundation also focuses on scholarship program for students in provinces such as Papua.


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