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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Imelda Tanoto and Her Roles in Tanoto Foundation

SukantoTanato, the pulp and palm oil tycoon from Indonesia, built Tanoto Foundation as a part of his social responsibility especially related to education. His eldest daughter, Imelda Tanoto, has a very important role in managing and improving the work of Tanoto Foundation, and helps brining the foundation reach to many provinces in Indonesia as well as wide partnership to abroad universities.

Philanthropy Works of Imelda Tanoto

Sukanto Tanoto started Tanoto Foundation as a means to help children and youths from poor families to get good education, because he believes that education is an important key to get success and strive for a better life. Imelda Tanoto has very important role in expanding Tanoto Foundation reach, especially in her position as a member of the foundation’s board of trustees.

Imelda understands that good education is an important key for her success in life. Her previous works at Citigroup and her current works at RPG Group are only possible because of good education background she got, including at business field at prestigious campus such as Wharton School. Therefore, she strives to help other people reach the same success by helping them getting the education they need.

With her contribution, Tanoto Foundation has managed to reach its partnership from just local universities to universities in Singapore and China, further widening Indonesian youths’ opportunities from poor families to get good education despite their economy condition. By sending potential youths to good universities, including to abroad campus, Imelda and her father believes that they will get good foundation for rebuilding their life and career path.

Education is the Key

Imelda Tanoto grew up with stories about how her father managed to build a successful business and became an entrepreneur despite not being able to finish school. Now, she strives to help Indonesian kids and youths avoid the same thing. Until now, Imelda Tanoto and the foundation has provided thousands of scholarships as well as awards and funds for professors and scientitsts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the post.. parents are worlds best person in each lives of individual..they need or must succeed to sustain needs of the family.
    Sukanto Tanoto


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