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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Lifesaving Initiative by RAPP – Efforts to Provide Better Treatment for a Young Girl

Nurul Aisyah was only 7 months old when her mother discovered that something was very wrong with her little girl. Later, it was discovered that she had a rare heart disorder that caused frequent seizures, high fever and severe pain, predicting a grim future for the young girl, unless expensive treatments could be provided as soon as possible.

As news of the little girl's story has rippled throughout the community, representatives from RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper) – one of the largest provider of paper and pulp in the Sumatra area – have responded by initiating a fund raiser that has brought new hope to the girl's troubled parents.

Nurul Aisyah – The Struggle of Poverty

The young girl is now almost two years of age, kept under close observation and receiving good assistance in a renowned government hospital. All this would not have been possible without the help of active community members who took interest in learning about the story of Nurul Aisyah and her parents.

The young girl was born in a poor family, with her father barely being able to earn enough to put food on the table. When her parents learned of her debilitating disease, however, food was far from being the first thing on their minds, as they strived to save up as much money as possible for consultations and treatments.

Doctors, however, had bad news for the family, stating that Nurul Aisyah would need professional treatments worth tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, if she was to be given a chance at a normal life. All seemed hopeless for the small family, as the little girl's father could only occasionally earn a little extra by working for construction contractors and there seemed to be no other avenue towards acquiring the necessary funding to pay for the treatments.

As it sometimes happens, luckily, miracles are not that far away, and it seemed that help was just around the corner for the little girl. News spread about her condition, reaching people in her community who could genuinely do something to help her situation – people such as the employees of RAPP, the main subsidiary of a company named APRIL that operates under the leadership of esteemed entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto.

RAPP Initiates Funding Efforts

RAPP was the only large corporation in the area to take an interest in the story of Nurul Aisyah and actually try to do something to help. The company's employees quickly mobilized themselves to bring the news of the story to as many people in the community as possible.

At first, the fundraising efforts did not yield many results. Although another philanthropic organization and many people in the local community worked together to spread the word, it wasn't until later that the money really started to flow in. Soon enough, however, Nurul Aisyah's parents could hardly believe their good fortune when members from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and several other organizations and wealthy individuals in the region submitted donations worth more than 30 million US dollars. 

As fundraising efforts continued, RAPP managed to ensure the entire amount was swiftly delivered to the family, and the little girl's parents thanked them with tears in their eyes for helping their child have renewed hope for a better future.

Now, Nurul Aisyah is one of the few children who, with assistance from RAPP and other people and businesses who truly took an interest and wanted to help, is able to dream about a better life with her parents.

Employees and representatives from RAPP and organizations such as the Tanoto Foundation continue the fight against poverty in Indonesia to this day, in the hope that better opportunities can be provided for the future of children who truly need them - children like Nurul Aisyah.


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