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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Belinda’s Dedication to Tanoto Foundation

Growing up as a youth denied formal education as Chinese descendant, Sukanto Tanoto established Tanoto Foundation as a mean to help other unfortunate children that cannot continue their educations. Tanoto Foundation has programs to support education by donating to schools, buying them school supplies and teaching equipment, and giving scholarships and research grants for students, teachers and professors. He passed on his foundation to be run by his daughter, Belinda Tanoto, who has the same passion in social causes.

How Belinda and Sukanto Tanoto Run the Foundation

Belinda Tanoto has proven herself as the worthy leader and runner of Tanoto Foundation. She was brought up by her father with lessons about the importance of education, both for self and for the goodness of the country. She is also reminded in daily basis about responsibilities to help the unfortunate in education. Therefore, when Sukanto Tanoto trusted her to run the foundation, she did not refuse and jumped in straight away. Thanks to her father, Belinda also has great concern about 

A graduate from Deerfield College and Wharton, Belinda has resilience, knowledge and instinct to run and develop the foundation, so it can help more people. Under her hands, Tanoto Foundation has become one of scholarship foundations recommended by Indonesian government, and it often works together with the government in various educational and social events. Two exceptional achievements were financial support to build new building for Faculty of Forestry at Gadjah Mada University, and grants to develop organic vegetables and medicinal herbs at Faculty of Science at Universitas Negeri Surakarta.

The foundation is still running several distinctive programs to support education not only in Indonesia, but also in Singapore and China. In fact, Tanoto Foundation has helped building schools and donating school supplies to China, as well as giving scholarships to medical students in Singapore.


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