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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recipient of Dean’s Medal from Wharton

Every year, Wharton School in Pennsylvania gives Dean’s Medal, an exceptional award for its graduates that have created amazing achievements around the world. Among the recipients, there are Felipe de Borbon y Grecia (Prince of Asturias), Alvaro Uribe Velez (President of Colombia), Leonard A. Lauder (Estee Lauder’s chairman), and Sukanto Tanoto. The latter earned this award in year 2012, and he is among few Indonesians such as Sudono Salim that earned the prestigious award. There are many reasons that make Sukanto Tanoto deserved the prestigious award, and here are some.

Sukanto Tanoto is a Successful International Businessman

Asian Agri is among the biggest palm oil companies in Indonesia, and Sukanto Tanoto is his founder and owner. The company has worked together with thousands of farmers in Sumatra, and has helped supplying palm oil products to various companies and industries, both in Indonesia and abroad. Asian Agri has become a main supplier of palm oil for various industries in other countries such as China, Singapore, India and several European and American countries. 

His business is also a clear example of amazing business innovation in both Indonesia and China, and he has made Singapore as his main operational base for his worldwide business.

Sukanto Tanoto and Social Projects

Sukanto Tanoto has amazing achievements as a philanthropist; he set up Tanoto Foundation, which has helped many schools and provided scholarships for students from poor families, including for children of the company’s oil palm farmers. Also, the foundation that he established provides grants and funds for various academic or academic related projects, including funds for research and study for lecturers, teachers and professors.

Finally, Asian Agri is also responsible for educating, training and supporting oil palm farmers, so they can have independent farms and plasma farms, without having to depend all the time to the palm oil companies. The projects include trainings and education for plasma farmers and smallholders in various aspects for plantation and cultivation techniques to business related matters.


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