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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sukanto Tanoto Supports Programs for Early Education

As one of the richest Indonesians in recent Forbes list, SukantoTanoto does not drown in euphoria of being a rich person. Through his social organization Tanoto Foundation, Sukanto and his other family members such as his wife and two children take great parts in supporting social aspects in Indonesia especially in education. As a Chinese descendant, Sukanto experienced lack of education during his youth in the 60’s because his Chinese public school was closed by the government due to communism fear.

Now, Tanoto Foundation has had several educational programs, and one of the newest programs is educational support for early education such as pre schools and kindergartens.

Sukanto Tanoto: Why Early Education is Important Program

At Tanoto Foundation, where Sukanto Tanoto’s children are members of Board of Trustee, there is special program to support early education such as building schools or supplying existing schools with educational equipment. This is because early education is the root of higher education. As a man devoted to education and has strived to learn at various international classes for years, Sukanto Tanoto believes that basic education is a good root for someone to reach better education, and finally success.

Early education is a place to mold personality and characteristics of small kids, so they will be more prepared to join higher education levels and study hard to earn success. Several programs have been conducted in Indonesia and others in poor areas in China, in which the foundation gave grants and supplies of school equipment and teaching tools. Meanwhile, grants and funds are also given regularly to teachers and lecturers so they can earn opportunities to study and do research.

Good education is a foundation of success; Sukanto Tanoto prove that education is something people need to have in order to gain success, and his foundation proves that even early education is important to shape lifelong success.


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