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Friday, July 18, 2014

Asian Agri Earned Award from Palm Oil Farmer Association

PT Asian Agri, one of Indonesia’s giants in palm oil production, once again proved his contribution to the life of palm oil farmers in Sumatra. Sukanto Tanoto long life commitment to support the life of palm oil farmers made Asian Agri rewarded with award from palm oil farmer association. Asian Agri is considered as very successful in raising the prosperity level and educating palm oil farmers, thanks to its numerous programs such as plasma farm.

Sukanto Tanoto Dedication to Palm Oil Farmers

According to the vice of Minister of Farming, Dr. Rusman Heryawan, Asian Agri is one of palm oil companies that really dedicate to the social and educational programs for palm oil farmers as parts of its corporate social responsibilities. Asian Agri started plasma farming program and initiated PIR TRANS with Indonesian government, which is a program that encourages transmigration and new job opportunities in palm oil farming in remote areas. Also, Asian Agri is considered as the most dedicated company that is always consistent in giving 4 percents of incentive to farmers that give the best quality palm fruits.

Thanks to Asian Agri, palm oil farmers around the facility and company’s plantations get a lot of supports and helps. For example, they manage to increase their life standards, send their children to school, and even get various trainings in plasma farming. Asian Agri also routinely sends farmers to do comparative study program to other successful plantation areas. These programs make farmers feel more confident and experienced, and some have even managed to open their own independent businesses.

Meanwhile, Asian Agris is currently also developing partnership program to start cattle farming. This means that palm oil farmers can even get more means to earn income and increase their experiences in both plants and animal farming. This means that Sukanto Tanoto’s dream of total corporate social responsibilities can happen soon.


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