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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The founder and chairman of RGE, oversees companies in the manufacturing and energy sectors

An Overview of Sateri International and Asia Symbol

Over the course of his career, visionary and entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto has established himself as a prominent business leader in Asia and beyond. He currently serves as the chairman of RGE, a global group of companies with resources-based manufacturing operations throughout China, Brazil, and Indonesia. RGE has corporate offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Nanjing, and Jakarta. Following is a brief overview of two of the companies overseen by Sukanto Tanoto and RGE.

Sateri International: One of the biggest producers of cellulose in the world, Sateri International offers products such as viscose staple fiber and high-purity dissolving wood pulp, which play an integral role in the production of eyeglass frames, baby wipes, pharmaceuticals, and sausage casings. Sateri hosts its upstream operations on a secure renewable plantation in Brazil that plants and grows eucalyptus trees for high-purity dissolving wood pulp. Every year, Sateri production facilities in Brazil produce nearly 500,000 metric tons of dissolving wood pulp. In the same vein, the company’s viscose staple fiber mill in China has an annual design capacity of 160,000 metric tons. Throughout all of its activities, Sateri is firmly dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. The company uses only renewable plantation trees in its products and employs environmentally responsible policies and procedures.

Asia Symbol: One of the top global producers of paper and pulp, Asia Symbol has operated in China’s Guangdong and Shandong provinces for nearly a decade. The company produces as much as 450,000 tons of fine paper and 1.5 million tons of pulp every year that it sells to more than 20 countries around the globe. Asia Symbol is host to the largest single pulp production line in the world, featuring some of the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. As with all of the other companies owned by Sukanto Tanoto and RGE, Asia Symbol is dedicated to employing sustainable development and manufacturing processes.

In a recent article released on 10th July 2014 by Business Times about the top 10 Singapore-based billionaires, Sukanto Tanoto with Royal Golden Eagle ranked 5th with US$2.3billion under his name. Another commodity player on the list is Wilmar International's Kuok Khoon Hong, who takes fourth place with US$2.4 billion and Philip Ng, the chief executive of Far East Organization takes the top position. Read here for full article by Business Times.


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