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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sukanoto Tanoto’s Principles in Educating His Children

A successful family usually has well educated children, but it is more than just good schools to teach children. Sukanto Tanoto, one of Indonesia’s richest people that also made a name in Forbes list, shared his secrets in teaching his children so they became as successful as he is in their own chosen fields. Of course, there are some secrets worth learning from him to every parent about how to educate your children so they can become successful and have good entrepreneurial and business skills.

All four children of Sukanto Tanoto grew to be successful people; the most prominent ones are Andreas Tanoto, who is the next generation of his father’s business, and Belinda Tanoto, who now runs Tanoto Foundation.

How Sukanto Tanoto Raises Children with Characters

In many interviews, Sukanto Tanoto always reveals his secrets in educating his children: always raise children not only with good education inside and outside the house, but give them lessons in characters. For example, not only he sent his children to good school, but he always makes sure they speak with three languages: Indonesian, English and Mandarin, so his children can practice their multilingual abilities and not forget their cultural roots. Sukanto also makes sure they always remember the positive traits of Chinese Indonesians: resilient and have strong sense of achievement.

Even though he is busy, he always tries to spend quality time with his family, whether it is a simple dinner or long holiday. He also always emphasizes about social responsibilities to the less fortunate, especially those who cannot afford education. This is reminiscent of Sukanto’s own younger years that were devoid of formal education because his school was closed by the government.

With good education, good character lesson and advice to always remember their cultural roots, it is no wonder that Sukanto Tanoto’s children grew to be responsible, diligent and smart people in their fields.


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