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Friday, July 11, 2014

Tanoto Foundation Declared Teacher as a Nation’s Front Liner

As the founder of Tanoto Foundation and someone who did not get formal education when he was young, Sukanto Tanoto is a man that put education as one of the most important priorities in the foundation’s projects. His principle was proven again in another book discussion event in Yogyakarta on June 25th, in which his son, Anderson Tanoto, came to discuss about two educational related books created by the foundation.

Sukanto Tanoto’s View about Teachers

The book discussion was done in Yogyakarta, at Sanggar Anak Alam in Nitripayan, Yogyakarta, and attended by about 150 education experts and teachers. Anderson Tanoto, the son of Sukanto Tanoto who is also the member of Board of Trustee, appeared as one of the guest speakers. In two books written by the foundation, Oase Pendidikan di Indonesia (Indonesia’s Oasis of Education) and Menjadi Sekolah Terbaik (Be the Best School), Sukanto Tanoto shared his views about teachers in Indonesia, which reflect the basic principles of his foundation.

According to Anderson Tanoto, teachers in Indonesia are still not distributed well to all schools in Indonesia, including in remote areas. Besides, many teachers in small villages and remote areas do not have access to study materials and training to improve their own teaching skills. This makes many students in Indonesia must endure lessons delivered by inexperienced teachers who never upgrade their teaching skills.

Teaching Skill is Important for Learning Process

The book discussion event also discussed about the importance of giving teaching skills to teachers, whether in urban areas, rural areas or remote areas. Good teaching skills will not only help teachers to deliver lessons better, but also form positive mentality in children and youths so they never stop to be active learners. This is why Sukanto Tanoto’s foundation also has its own program to fund teachers and researchers. Tanoto Foundation never stops contributing for education in Indonesia, and educating teachers is the key for better nation.


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